How Senior Personal Care Supports Aging in Place

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How Senior Personal Care Supports Aging in Place

A recent post from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) states that “…88 percent of respondents over age 65 wanted to remain in their homes for as long as possible, and 92 percent said they wanted to remain in their communities.” To do that, aging adults require access to the services they need in the places where they live. 

After decades in the home care industry, we know first-hand that aging in place requires more than mobility support and access to healthy meals and snacks. Living at home and remaining engaged with social circles also requires the sense of dignity associated with being clean, dressed, and free of incontinence concerns.

Senior Personal Care Is a Foundation of Confidence & Dignity

A decline in personal and house-related hygiene is one of the most common signs that a loved one needs support to remain at home. As we age, we’re at greater risk for slip and fall accidents in the bathroom, making showering and bathing more dangerous. 

Mobility or incontinence difficulties can lead to embarrassing accidents that keep people afflicted with these issues shut inside so as to avoid the potential for a public incident. Age-related vision issues pose challenges to shaving, applying makeup, and accessorizing. 

Fortunately, personal care services alleviate those challenges, providing aging loved ones with the confidence and dignity required to get out of the house, remain engaged with their social networks, and make the most of each day.

Customized Personal Care Meets Clients Where They Are At 

One of the many benefits of home care services is they’re personally customized to meet clients where they’re at and can be adjusted as needs change and evolve. Honoring our clients’ autonomy and dignity is at the heart of our personal senior care services.

Dressing & Grooming

Getting safely out of bed each morning, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, eating a light breakfast—all are regular beats in the morning rhythm. However, many older adults may never get that far without adequate support, or their launch into the day stops right there due to the challenges with dressing and grooming.

Our caregivers assist at each step, including safe bathroom transfers when needed. Once our clients finish their breakfast, we help them dress in clean clothes based on the day’s activities, complete their hair and makeup routine, and accessorize as desired. 


In addition to recommendations about extra safety precautions in the bathroom (non-slip mats, bright task lighting, nighttime safety lighting, grab bars, and a shower chair), caregivers lend support, stability, and a helping hand as needed so that seniors can bathe/shower regularly. 

If memory loss is a factor, we’ll also help with the smaller tasks associated with daily cleanliness, such as teeth brushing and denture care or hand washing after bathroom visits.

You wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes when loved ones feel clean and fresh again, eliminating the embarrassment that can arise due to their personal odor or dirty hair. We also help with nail trimming and manicures/pedicures. These seemingly simple acts truly enhance clients’ quality of life. 

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Incontinence is one of the most debilitating situations for active and independent seniors. According to the NAFC, incontinent adults often stop doing the things they love, including daily exercise and attending engagements. They’re also at higher risk for skin infections, urinary tract infections, and slip/fall accidents. 

Once incontinence is addressed head-on, it’s truly game-changing. With the proper equipment, assistance, and hygienic surroundings, aging adults feel like themselves again and no longer have to hide behind the insecurity of potential accidents.

Support with Mobility

Strength, balance, and stamina depend on an individual’s ability to remain active and mobile. As mobility declines, so does an adult’s confidence in moving safely through the world, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle.

Senior personal care ensures clients are up and moving around as much as possible, using the correct mobility support (cane, walker, wheelchair, etc.) and gait transfer belts. We assist with clients’ transfers from room to room, into the bathroom and out again, into and out of bed, and so on.

Medication Reminders

Failure to take a medication, or forgetting and taking an extra dose, can have drastic adverse outcomes. Personal care services include medication reminders, and ensuring your loved one takes their medications as prescribed. We also note any changes or potentially negative medication side-effects so they can be addressed ASAP by a physician. 

Meal Preparation, Reminders & Company

Most people don’t realize malnutrition is considered a “new normal” for many aging adults. According to Nutrition News, “More than 460 million adults are undernourished…older adults are also hospitalized more frequently and are more likely to be in long-term care facilities, which can add to their risk of undernutrition.”

Personal care services include meal planning as well as meal reminders and companionship, all of which help clients benefit from delicious, well-balanced meals tailored to their dietary recommendations.

Temporary Post-Hospitalization & Respite Care

Sometimes, clients only need support on a short-term or temporary basis. Personal care services can help a loved one transition safely back into the home after a hospital or skilled nursing facility stay. 

We often partner with licensed home health care providers, taking over personal care services where their clinical services leave off. This support is proven to reduce the risk of hospital readmittance.

We’re also here to provide respite care for spouse or family caregivers so they can take much-needed time off—including longer vacation stays.

Support Loved Ones’ Overall Wellness, Self-Esteem & Autonomy

Senior personal care services are a foundational step in creating the golden years our loved ones looked forward to prior to their retirement. Contact Affordable Senior Home Care to learn more about our personal care and other services—including respite care—that are available to clients and their families.


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