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There are multiple signs that seniors require more support to age in place safely, independently, and with dignity. One of the most significant of these is when seniors must relinquish driving privileges. If your senior loved one faces this often heartbreaking decision, it’s time to enlist elderly transportation services.

Senior transportation is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to providing transportation to and from social engagements, religious services, or to honor weekly errand running and appointments, caregivers can also provide companionship, help around the house, and serve as a regular wellness communication line between seniors and long-distance families.

When you seek the support of a licensed home care agency for transportation services for elderly and disabled clients, you’re opening the door to a range of other supportive services, such as:

  • Errand running
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal planning and meal preparation
  • Companionship
  • Support with pet care
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • And so much more!

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, seniors who are 75 years old or older have roughly the same high accident and driver fatality rates as teenage and young adult drivers. However, by the time drivers reach 80 years old, their accident and fatality rates (including fatality rates for their passengers and pedestrians/bikers outside their vehicle) exceed those of new teen drivers.

When seniors reach age 75, it’s time to begin putting a cap on independent driving and bringing in outside support to make sure they get where they need to go, whenever they’re ready to go.

Transportation Services for the Elderly: Plans & Options

Affordable Senior Home Care provides driving services as needed, whether once or twice a week or every day of the week, to ensure our senior clients remain active and engaged.

Social dates and group meetings

Does your senior loved one get together with friends regularly? Are they long-time members of clubs, organizations, or church groups? That’s exactly what we’re here to support. We’ll schedule driving services as needed to see to it that giving up the keys never means missing out on life.

Errand running and grocery shopping

Keeping up with the daily routine is essential for active and independent seniors. However, when the license and keys are traded in, that doesn’t mean adults have to stop getting out and about to run errands, do the grocery shopping, stroll around the local plaza or malls, etc. 

Our caregivers are as happy to play the role of chauffeur – with drop-offs and pickups only – or we can accompany clients in and out of various locations to help them run errands that are tiring or require more stamina.

Doctors and specialist appointments

Seniors must keep up on their annual wellness visits and regular appointments with specialists or personal care services. These appointments keep seniors healthy, vibrant, and feeling their best. 

Enlisting transportation services means never having to miss work or rearrange your schedule to accommodate workday appointments while also guaranteeing your loved one never has to miss or reschedule due to lack of transportation.

Attend religious or spiritual services

Churches and spiritual groups are both a social and soulful lifeline for seniors, and that line should never fade out when driving is no longer an option. 

Transportation services for elderly and disabled clients are scheduled on an as-needed basis, so they don’t have to miss out on their favorite services, volunteer opportunities, church lunch groups or potlucks, and related seasonal activities.

Extracurricular, seasonal, and holiday activities

Does your favorite senior live on the other side of town or a town or two over? That makes it harder for busy family members to pick them up and drop them off for the grandkids’ extracurricular activities, as well as seasonal and holiday traditions. 

We’re happy to work on a seasonal basis, doing our part to make sure senior clients can attend all of the events they desire. Once they get used to it, many of our clients attend more activities and events than they did in the past because they no longer need to worry about night-driving anxiety.

Senior Overnight Caregivers


Affordable Senior Home Care performs comprehensive background checks on all of our caregivers in addition to thoroughly reviewing resumes, qualifications, and employment references. Reliable vehicles and clean driving records are required to become part of our team. 

We participate in continuing education and training to keep current on the latest senior care trends, research, and findings. But, most importantly, caregivers are vetted for their hearts and souls, which is why our agency maintains high ratings and glowing testimonials from clients and families.



Senior Transportation Services FAQs

Q: Can we begin using transportation services without any of the other senior care services you offer?

Of course. While many clients use our services for part-time or full-time care, we also have a roster of clients who hire us for “a la carte” services. Transportation is one of those. That said, most clients take advantage of other services, such as grocery shopping or light housekeeping, because it makes sense for the senior’s needs.

Q: Is there a minimum shifts/per month requirement?

No, there isn’t. However, we do bill in four-hour minimum shifts to make it easier to provide regular work for our dedicated and hardworking caregivers.

 Q: How do I know I can trust the drivers?

You must vet any personal driver or caregiver that has access to senior loved ones and their home. Affordable Senior Home Care conducts rigorous background checks on all of our caregivers. Clean DMV records and a reliable vehicle with current registration and insurance are non-negotiable requirements to become part of our team.