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We’re passionate about senior home care, and our approach enriches the lives of those for whom we care. Personal care services are dedicated to maintaining our clients’ health and well-being by supporting day-to-day hygiene and grooming tasks that become more difficult due to aging.

The ability to safely get out of bed each morning, take a shower, get dressed, style hair, and put on make-up or accessories becomes more of a challenge due to age-related changes in balance, mobility, vision, and coordination. Medication side-effects also take their toll on energy levels, and memory loss also interrupts the body’s ability to honor daily habits and routines.

Even important daily tasks like eating nourishing snacks and meals, and taking medications on time each day fall by the wayside without support from a compassionate care team. That’s where personal home care assistance comes into play.

Our experienced and highly-trained personal care aides are there to support seniors with:

Dressing & grooming

Once clients are awake, alert, and out of bed, we help them select and/or put on clothes, brush their hair, or apply makeup and accessories. This allows them to “feel like themselves again,” even if they cannot complete daily dressing and grooming tasks on their own.

Bathing & hygiene care

Caregivers help clients safely into and out of the shower and respectfully supervise or help with bathing whenever needed, so clients retain their dignity, knowing they are safe.

Hygiene services also include:

  • Teeth brushing and oral hygiene
  • Daily hair styling
  • Nail trimming and filing
  • Hand washing reminders or support after bathroom visits

Toileting & incontinence care

Incontinence is not only embarrassing for seniors, it is also a threat to their physical health. Our caregivers are trained in toileting and incontinence care and support our clients as they transfer to and from the toilet.

Personal care caregivers also assist with adult diaper changes and clothing changes as needed. This service has a tremendous benefit for clients in terms of preserving self-confidence and dignity.

Mobility support

The more a senior can get up and remain active, the more physically fit and independent they are. Personal care caregivers help clients walk as much as possible. We help with transfers to and from wheelchairs or walkers to the table for meals, into a favorite chair, to the bathroom, and into their bed for naps and at the end of the day.

Meal and medication reminders

Nutrition, hydration, and medication are all part of most senior’s daily routine. Personal home care assistance also includes meals, hydration, and medication reminders whenever necessary.

Post-hospital stay support

While most of our clients are seniors requiring long-term support, we also provide regular personal home care assistance to anyone who needs extra help after a post-operative procedure or hospital stay. Having an experienced caregiver on hand to help with meals, bathing, mobility, and bathroom support reduces the risk of hospital readmission or post-op complications.

Affordable Senior Home Care employs a highly qualified team of trained and experienced personal care caregivers. When you choose us for personal home care assistance, you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best care for your loved one.

Requirements for our team members include passing complete criminal background checks and showing a clean DMV record. Our personal care aides are required to participate in ongoing continuing education and training programs, including Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) certifications.



Personal Home Care Assistance FAQ

Q: Does personal home care assistance also include support with laundry or linen changes?

Yes, personal services are tailored to the client’s needs. They may also include light housekeeping, linen changes, laundry services, and other chores that keep the home safe, clean, and hygienic.

Q: What qualifications do your personal care caregivers have?

All of our caregivers are experienced and trained in hands-on caregiving, ergonomic transfers/mobility support, and memory care issues before being placed in a client’s home.

All of our caregivers and staff have clear criminal background checks and clean DMV records, which are re-checked on an annual basis.

Q: Is there a minimum number of shifts required to sign up for senior personal care services?

There isn’t a minimum number of shifts required, but we bill all caregiving shifts in four-hour minimums. Also, some level of frequency or regularity is recommended to establish a bond and rapport between our caregivers and the clients. Personal care is very intimate, and clients fare best when they feel 100% comfortable in the home aide’s presence.


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