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A healthy diet is essential for senior wellbeing. In addition to managing existing health conditions, nutrient-rich meal plans are proven to slow the progression of age-related issues such as memory loss, declining physical strength and stamina, and vision loss. Perhaps, even most importantly of all, a well-balanced meal and snack plan also supports senior’s emotional health.

That said, shopping for groceries, prepping and preparing delicious and nutritious meals, and clean-up require substantial energy and stamina. For this reason, Affordable Senior Home Care offers cooking services for the elderly as part of our home care options.

Our cooking services include:

  • Meal planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Preparation of partial or entire meals as requested
  • Ingredient tracking to ensure foods and meals meet the dietary recommendations and restrictions provided by the clients’ physicians/specialists
  • Pre-prepared meals for reheating
  • Companionship during meals

Cooking Services For The Elderly: Plans & Options

We meet our senior clients where they’re at, providing a little extra help with groceries and food prep or going the full distance to make and prepare meals/snacks that are easy to heat and eat as needed. We are also happy to sit down and provide companionship to make mealtime more enjoyable.

Meal planning

We’re well-versed on diets and meal plans catering to some of the most common senior health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis. Unless specified otherwise, we typically focus on anti-inflammatory-diet plans that emphasize lean proteins, a colorful array of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole-grains and zesty herbs and seasonings. Caregivers work closely with the clients to learn about their tastes and preferences and honor their physician’s dietary recommendations.

From the list of client-specific “favorites” and “shouldn’t haves,” we’ll create a varied and tasty meal plan so seniors don’t have to rely on canned and/or overly-processed foods to keep themselves fed. We also find creative ways to make the client’s favorite comfort foods without sacrificing their dietary restrictions.

Grocery shopping

The most healthy and delicious meals are prepared with fresh ingredients. Our caregivers provide grocery shopping as part of our errand running services. Once the meal plan is approved, caregivers can do all the grocery shopping, stocking the pantry with the ingredients necessary to prepare and cook meals and snacks.

Meal preparation and cooking

Some of our clients still enjoy cooking but need help with the more laborious aspects of food preparation and cleanup. We’re happy to oblige. Other clients have no interest in cooking or are physically unable to prepare and cook entire meals due to physical limitations or memory loss. In that case, caregivers can prepare every meal.

Live-in caregivers, part-time, and full-time caregivers sit down and eat meals along with our clients. If that isn’t desired, we can prepare meals and leave them in the fridge with clear instructions on how to reheat or assemble them later.


Whether the meals are prepared as an à la carte service or as part of a part-time, full-time, or live-in homecare shift, our caregivers provide companionship during meals. Current research shows that having companionship whets the appetite and inspires seniors to make better choices around nutrition.

We love to sit down and keep our clients company as they dine, and all the studies correlate that seniors who dine with others are less likely to report feeling lonely or isolated. When you request cooking services for the elderly, we match you with a caregiver who considers food one of their love languages.



In addition to carefully screening resumes, qualifications, and employment references, Affordable Senior Home Care performs rigorous background checks on all of our caregivers. Clean DMV records and a reliable vehicle with current registration and insurance is a non-negotiable requirement to become part of our team.

We participate in continuing education and training to keep up-to-date on the latest senior care trends, research, and findings. But, most importantly, caregivers are vetted for their hearts and souls, which is why our agency maintains high ratings and glowing testimonials from clients and families.



Cooking Services FAQs 

Q: How often do we have to schedule meal services? Is there a minimum number of shifts? 

There isn’t a minimum number of shifts. Instead, we bill in four-hour minimum increments to be fair to our caregivers. So you can schedule meal services as infrequently as once a week or make it a daily routine, serving as a personal, daily wellness check for a senior loved one who lives alone. It’s up to you and the needs of the client.

Q: How are groceries paid for?

To keep things streamlined, we prefer to use Visa gift cards. We purchase a gift card for a certain agreed upon amount and then give the prepaid card to the caregiver, the caregiver returns the card to us along with all receipts, and we invoice clients for the total cost. Any remaining amount left on the Visa gift card will be saved for additional purchases needed. If clients prefer to use different payment methods we are happy to assist you with this.

Q: Can we combine grocery shopping and senior cooking services with other things?

Absolutely. All caregiving service offerings are available to each client and are personalized to their needs and wishes.

Q: I’m a spouse/family member and primary caregiver. Is it okay to have the caregiver shop while I care for my loved one?

Yes! Caregiving is an all-consuming endeavor, and our employees can serve as an extra hand to give primary caregivers a break. Or, you can go out and run errands of your own while we stay with your loved one. We tailor our caregiving and senior cooking services to meet your needs.