Fun Senior Activities in New Jersey

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Fun Senior Activities in New Jersey

Imagine a life in which you cannot leave the house without assistance, where the only people you speak to are your immediate family and caregivers, and some of those may live far away. Maybe you’re no longer able to attend your favorite clubs, social groups, or community activities unless you secure transportation.

This is the reality for so many of our senior loved ones, which is why it’s essential to keep a list of fun senior activities in New Jersey to keep them active and engaged. So whether you’re planning a visit with your favorite senior, or you’ve just enlisted the support of a senior caregiver for companionship and transportation support, make it a point to do at least one fun senior activity per week. 

7 Senior Activities to Do With a Loved One

In addition to improving quality of life, outings to different places keep seniors socially engaged with others – outside the normal social rung – making life more enjoyable. Listening to their queries and conversations with others may teach you more than you’ve ever known about your loved one before.

Of course, seniors should be the primary consultants for what constitutes “fun” for them so that you can schedule plans and outings accordingly. In the meantime, here is a list of some of our client’s favorite activities in New Jersey.

1. Activities at the local senior center

Most senior centers have busy calendars that include everything from Bingo, cards, or game nights to meal services, weekly excursions, coffee or ice cream socials, and seasonal dances or craft/hobby sessions.

Use your favorite search engine and enter “Senior Center XXX” with your senior’s city or town name. Then visit their website, print out their monthly calendars, subscribe to their newsletters, etc. You may even find the senior center near you offers transportation services as well. 

For example, the senior center in our neck of the woods is the Toms River Senior Outreach Center. Their staff offers a wide range of programs targeted to seniors who are 60-years-old or older. 

2. Do a local search for “fun activities” in the senior’s area

Every chamber of commerce, township, or city center has some version of an “Events Page,” continuously posting upcoming events in the general community. Odds are, many of them were traditions that your loved one used to participate in regularly with their spouse, friends, or various groups. There’s also a chance new events and activities are populating the calendar.

Family members and caregivers should make these local activity and event calendars a regular staple in their homes. Review them together, and then begin planning fun senior activities and outings with your loved one.

3. Step back in time with a day trip to Cape May

Cape May’s development during the Victorian era, combined with savvy community planning, makes it feel as if visitors are stepping back in time. There are always things to do in Cape May, and the holidays are an enjoyable time to visit. 

During the holiday months, seniors may find themselves reminiscing about their family holiday traditions as they stroll along the streets, take tours of historic homes and museums, or enjoy the various lights displays. 

4. Tour the Battleship USS New Jersey

Known as the most decorated U.S. Navy Battleship, the USS New Jersey now lives on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River just across from Philadelphia. 

Not only is Battleship New Jersey and its series of museums a hotspot for veterans and military enthusiasts, but this is also an excellent place for grandparents to spend time with their awed grandchildren. Children and teenagers alike appreciate hearing first-hand accounts of what it was like to be an American during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, especially those who served in the military.

5. Embark on a senior trip

Is your senior loved one someone who loved to travel? While lengthy vacations abroad may not be in their wheelhouse anymore, plenty of day trips and overnight vacations are specifically planned for seniors. Best of all, family members or companions are welcome to come along, so it can be a great way to spend quality time together while also traveling together. 

We appreciate the trips offered by Community Tours & Travel, which offers:

There is something here for every kind of traveler!

6. Take a lunch or dinner cruise

Does your senior loved one mourn that their traveling days are over? Let them revisit the good ol’ days of traveling with this shorter but equally elegant and entertaining trip via a River Lady Cruise

The River Lady is a 150 passenger, 85′ authentic reproduction of a paddle-wheel riverboat. The River Lady splendidly captures the ambiance of the 19th century Mississippi vessel. There are a variety of tours available from historical sightseeing cruises to sunset dinners on the water. 

7. Get your free state park pass

According to the New Jersey State Park Service, “New Jersey residents who are age 62 or older or who are disabled may be eligible for a Senior Citizen Pass or Disability Pass, which grants free entrance to the parks and discounted camping rates.”

Click here to download and print an N.J. State Park Pass Application. Once you’ve got that in the mail, visit a List of State Parks in New Jersey and start charting your day trip – or road trip.

Discover More Fun Senior Activities in New Jersey

Do you wish your senior loved one had more access to fun senior activities in New Jersey? Perhaps it’s time to enlist the support of a licensed home care agency. Our professional, compassionate caregivers can serve as companions, drivers, and activity buddies, ensuring our seniors have access to the socialization, community engagement, and changes of scenery that enliven their days and create a higher-quality life.

If you’re curious about exploring home care for yourself or a senior loved one, Affordable Home Care is here to offer support and answer your questions. 


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