An elderly woman lying in bed touching the hand of the overnight care provider who looks after her during the night.

Signs It Might Be Time for Overnight Care

Have stories of a parent’s restless nights, near falls, or a neighbor’s report of recent night wandering interrupted your chance to get a good night’s sleep? Do you have a nagging feeling that all is not well for an aging loved one during the nighttime hours? Then it may be time to enlist the help […]

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A senior man looks out the window of his home.

The Dangers of Senior Isolation

We often prioritize the physical well-being of our aging loved ones. And while physical health, nutrition, and a thoughtful fall-prevention plan are essential, families and caregivers must prioritize social engagement to prevent isolation. The better we are at keeping seniors socially active, stimulated, and engaged, the better off they are in almost every area of […]

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a senior couple meets with a home care agency representative to learn about their hourly senior in-home care options

7 Questions to Ask When Selecting Hourly Senior Care

Signing up for hourly senior care is a wise way to bring in short-term, part-time, or sporadic respite care without having to invest in a longer-term commitment. That said, the quality of care for a few hours is every bit as important as the quality of care for a few months or longer. Selecting professional, […]

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