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Affordable Senior Home Care partners with hospitals, nursing homes, and acute care facilities to provide partnership care services including in-home respite care and in-home hospice care.

Under the direction of the hospital or healthcare facility’s personnel, our caregivers support the needs of the client, adhering to a personalized care plan. We are happy to support the family caregiving team or your regularly scheduled professional caregiver to help in any way we can.



In-Home Respite Care Plans & Options

In-home respite care services operate as a professional caregiver substitute. Like other professional caregiver services, respite care shifts are flexible and entirely based on the client’s needs. After your in-home assessment, our case managers create a regular schedule so clients have access to the consistent and reliable care they deserve. This assessment results in a routine schedule of care, with set days and times, so you always know when to expect us.

Short, occasional shifts

We can provide short shifts that give primary caregivers a break once a week or several times a week. Shifts are billed in four-hour minimums, allowing primary caregivers to nap, get out of the house, run errands, or uphold personal appointments, interests, and social engagements.

Overnight or weekend shifts

If primary caregivers have their own families to care for or have worked a full-time week, we fill in for overnight or weekend shifts to take over. If overnight shifts are required more often than not, your case manager will discuss transitioning into our Overnight Care Services option.

Longer, vacation-length respite care assignments

Vacations are a time to relax and recharge. They are essential for the well-being of any full-time caregiver. Extended in-home respite care is available for spouses or families who want to honor longer vacation traditions to ensure you don’t miss out on a family reunion, a week spent in nature, or a road trip that gets you out of the routine and provides a fresh perspective.

Either way, our in-home respite care providers will abide by the direction of the hospice nurse and related personnel, keeping you informed of any changes or alerts on their end.

Respite Care FAQs

Q: Do we need to maintain a regular schedule?

We do establish a regular schedule so clients know when to expect us, and to provide consistent hours for our team of caregivers.  Once you are in a contract with us, we do prefer at least a 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule. This guarantees we can place a caregiver at your preferred date/time and gives us the chance to re-assign caregivers to another client if your shift is canceled. We also understand that life can be unpredictable and do our best to honor clients’ needs.

Q: Can you run errands or do other tasks during your shift?

Respite care assignments are designed to relieve caregivers so they can rest or get out and about. If you’re interested in receiving help with errands or grocery shopping, check out our Cooking or Companion Services, which may be a better fit for your needs.

However, during our respite care shifts, caregivers are happy to help with other light housekeeping, organization, or related tasks that support the well-being of the client and caregiver.

Q: Can we take advantage of both in-home respite care as well as other home care services?

Depending on your needs, it may be that respite care services are one of many services offered under the umbrella of Companion Services or Personal Care Services, in which case we’ll let you know, and we can create a new contract.

In-Home Hospice Care Plan & Options

Caregiving for a loved one on hospice is a noble and rewarding job. You deserve breaks and Affordable Senior Home Care can fill in as needed. Our in-home hospice care services are flexible and always customized to our client’s needs.

Companion care

We can keep your loved one company as you navigate the logistical aspects of home care or while you take a shower, a nap, or take time to have a meal with your family. We are happy to read, play cards, listen to music, comb through old photo albums, or other cherished activities your loved one enjoys during their waking hours.

Personal care and toileting

Hospice is excellent about sending health aides to support the regular bathing, hygiene, and grooming tasks. However, these services are usually only offered on a weekly or a few-times-per-week basis. Our caregivers can help out during the off-days to keep your loved one clean, comfortable, and feeling fresh.

We also help clients to and from the bathroom or their bedside commode, and we provide incontinence care.

Light housekeeping or meal prep

Patients who are on hospice while living alone or who have only a spouse or solo family caregiver often benefit from “chore support.”

For example, our caregivers can help out with light housekeeping tasks, grocery shopping, errand running, meal support, and other tasks that fall under the general umbrella of our Caregiving Services.

Medication reminders

When clients return home on hospice, it can feel like a timeless realm. This makes it easy for dates and times to slip through the cracks. Our in-home hospice caregivers will provide timely medication reminders to ensure clients have access to their medications as prescribed. We can also remind you or the hospice team when prescriptions need to be refilled or renewed.

Safe transfers and mobility support

If the client is not entirely bed-bound when they first come home, we’re happy to provide safe transfers and mobility support so clients have more freedom around where they spend their time. Our caregivers safely assist clients as they transfer from bed-to-wheelchair to recliner, to the bathroom, etc. We also provide gait assistance using a gait support belt while walking as needed.

Hospice Care FAQs

Q: Do you offer in-home hospice care?

We offer in-home hospice care in partnership with area hospitals and local nursing homes or acute care facilities when patients are released home on hospice. So, while we do not provide hospice or palliative care services, we do work with families and/or another hired caregiver to offer our assistance while clients are on hospice service.

Q: Can you provide full-time hospice care?

We understand that hospice services are exceptional, and they also require that a primary caregiving network is in place. If the client has a spouse or family member as their primary caregiver, we are happy to provide additional support.

If your senior loved one is on hospice and living alone, you are better served by using our full-time or Live-In service option. Then, we provide a small team of rotating, full-time caregivers to serve as part of the client’s “family support system” after you establish hospice services.


Affordable Senior Home Care is a licensed home care agency in Florida and New Jersey, and we’re governed by stringent senior care regulations. Our agency takes great care and diligence when hiring our caregivers.

All of our caregivers:

  • Are 21 years old or older
  • Have been cleared via complete criminal background checks
  • Hold a valid FL or NJ driver’s license and maintain a clean DMV record (not a single traffic violation is allowed)
  • Attend regular caregiver training programs and certifications. These training programs and certifications elevate their knowledge and status in the industry and instill the highest standards of caregiver professionalism.
  • Have hearts of gold and a strong desire to serve our clients and their families



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