a senior woman using a cane to prevent falling as she walks along a path with family members

Senior Fall Prevention

As you or your loved one grow older, the likelihood of falling increases. Maybe someone in your family has already experienced a fall and you’re wondering what to do next.  Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of falls and enable you or your senior family members to safely age in […]

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An elderly Asian woman is helped by a senior home care provider.

Choosing Your In-Home Care Provider

Enlisting help and support from a licensed in-home care provider is a life-changing experience because it increases the quality of life for the client and their spouse or family caregivers. However, the key to that “life-changing experience” is to hire the right agency for the job. Below we discuss the things you should think about […]

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a happy elderly woman tending to her house plants

What Is Home Care?

Deciding on home care for a loved one or relative is an important decision. Before making a choice, it is always best to be educated and well informed. So, what exactly is home care? “Home care” is an umbrella term used to reference caregiver-to-patient/family care that is brought right into the home. In most cases, […]

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