A caregiver brings an older man groceries to ensure food safety for older adults.

The Importance of Food Safety for Older Adults

A sparse fridge or barren pantry are two of the most common signs aging loved ones need more support to remain safely and independently in their homes. However, a fridge or pantry chock full of expired, rotting, or stale food is equally alarming. The U.S. Department of Human Services Foodsafety.gov page warns that food safety […]

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An in-home cooking care provider gives her client a meal to support his elderly nutritional needs.

How In-Home Cooking Care Supports Elderly Nutritional Needs

Aging-in-place improves aging adults’ quality of life, but only if the right support services are put in place. Meal planning and cooking services are two of the most important, and enlisting the help of an in-home care provider is a considerable benefit for loved ones who’ve chosen to spend their golden years in the comfort […]

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A caregiver arrives to drive her senior client to an appointment as part of a transportation service for seniors.

Choosing a Transportation Service for Seniors

There comes the point in every adult’s life when it’s time to rethink getting behind the wheel. A combination of age-related conditions, including reduced vision and hearing, slower reflexes, and health/medication-centric side effects, make it more difficult or even dangerous for some seniors to be driving.  An adult’s track record and driving performance should always […]

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